Ramesha Nicole

It’s Not Where You’ve Been, It’s Where You’re Going

After 10 months of living abroad, I completed the first milestone of my journey to financial freedom by paying off $10,00 in credit card debt. However, I soon learned that the journey was about more than just paying off debt (and earning a tax free salary), but that it was a journey of healing who I was on the inside, so that it would no longer control who I was on the outside, including my finances. It took getting real with myself about who I was, where I was and where I wanted to go. Though not easy, I had to shift my mindset around limiting beliefs, heal my relationship with myself, with others, and with money.

It was during that time that I went through what I now refer to as the 4 phases of internal transformation.

I began with going through the first phase which is Past Lessons. Here I began  taking a look at my relationship with money, myself and others. During this phase, I realized how the weight of my past had not only been affecting but INFECTING  who I was as a person, and how I had been showing up in the world, and really analyzing how it trickled over to my spending habits.  It was during this phase that I found myself leaning over the bathroom sink crying over Winter Break saying Lord I’m broken and I need you to fix me. 

From there, I began to dig deep when it came to my Present Identity and how I viewed myself when it came to money and other standards. Next, I moved into the phase of  Penetrating Growth by shifting my mindset when it came to money, as well as my mindset, behaviors, habits and attitude when it came to societal and cultural norms. Finally, I entered into the phase of Progressive Evolution, which is where I am today as I continue to embark on the mission of constantly evolving so that I can be the person I’m called to be.

That is how I went from a journey from being in debt into a journey of internal transformation.

My moment of truth that began my journey to freedom

My journey to freedom began when I received my wake-up call 26 hours before I was scheduled to go on an 11 month mission trip journey called the World Race. It was at this time that I was unsure about  some unpaid debt that I was unsure about what to do with.

After being instructed to seek the Lord for guidance regarding the situation, the response that came not only shocked my world at that moment, but has continued to serve as a ripple effect into every area of my life. The response that I received was: STOP RUNNING and to deal with your debt.” 

But, what really began to spark my change was when I was on the phone with an old friend who asked me the following quesion that forever changed my life: what are you going do differently to make sure that you’re not in the same place next year? At that moment I wasn’t clear, but I knew that things had to change.